Membership Categories

Club membership is open to:

Adult (18 and over)

Junior (between 5yrs and 18yrs).

Any prospective Junior Member MUST also have at least one Parent join the club as an Affiliate Member. Affiliate membership is free.

Why must parents join as well?

Even if parents don’t wish to bike themselves, by becoming members (free) they take a role within our club and therefore take some responsibility for what we do. This is to ensure that parents are an integral part of the club and have a say in the way we operate (Affiliate Members are eligible to be elected onto the SMBC Committee).

It also means that the more experienced adult members of our club can feel happy about taking children of other members out on trips and on coaching sessions. Affiliate Members will be fully informed about who is taking their children, where to, and what they will be doing. It’s up to the Affiliate Member parent to decide if they are happy with the arrangements before allowing their child to participate.


We expect all members of the club (full adult, Junior and Affiliate) will follow the common sense suggestions in our SMBC Code of Conduct / Behaviour.

Child Protection

SMBC have adopted guidance on Child protection. It is available here to read. All adult members are encouraged to follow this guidance. Because parents of Junior Members must also be members of the club, this ensures parents are fully informed and happy with how we operate with their children.

Parents are Welcome

We encourage Affiliate Member parents to attend our meets and events with their children. You may be required to transport your children to event locations if transport places are limited. We also encourage parents to have a go as well as we will be happy to help.

If you'd like to become a member of Strathearn Mountain Bike Club please download our membership form, fill it in and return with your payment to :

Club Constitution

SMBC Constitution

The SMBC Secretary,
Colin Mcphail
C/O Comrie Croft Bikes,
by Crieff,
Perthshire PH7 4JZ

If you have any questions about membership please email


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