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Strathearn Mountain Biking Club AGM
Held on 28th Feb 2012 at 7pm
Comrie Croft


Attending: Kevin Howett (chairman), Colin Mcphail (secretary), Noel Paterson (treasurer), Ewan Tavendale, Derek Dobbins, Digby Sym, Pete Mayne

Apologies: Andrew Donaldson, Adam Christie, Ian Findlay, Mike Aldridge

 Treasurers Report:

The AGM was opened by Noel Paterson presenting the accounts as at 31/12/11. The Accounts show that the club has a current balance of funds of £302.26.  The main sources of income for the past year were from membership, payment for club tops, and donations. The main outgoings were club tops, and membership of Scottish Cycling. This left a net income of funds for the year of £127.26. 

  1. Accounts were presented by Noel and verified by Pete Mayne.
  2. Colin is to become a signatory on the SMBC Bank account, as Andrew is currently the signatory.
  3. Scottish Cyling affiliation: Colin to see if they have processed it.

 Discussion followed:

It was noted by Derek that the club funds are quite low, and that the club needs:

  • To get some help with funding for coaching
  • To attract new members
  • To boost funds
  • To get the junior members to stay on in the club
  • To encourage adult participation

 Adam has up to now been financing the web hosting, so the club will recompense Adam for his expenses.

 Chairman’s Report:

Kevin Howett then gave the Chairpersons Report, the main points of which were:

  • Tuesday night rides have been the most successful, with around 20 rides happening in 2011, a significant increase of 2010
  • The round robin email system has worked well
  • Weekend rides have been less successful than Tuesdays
  • The most successful event of the year was the organised trip to Laggan wolftrax, where there were 16 attendees. The new years ride was also very well attended, and there was a club trip to Glentress
  • The website has not been kept ‘active’ and this undoubtedly puts people off
  • The SXC Event was a great sucess
  • The Annual Hairy Coon Event again attracted a large number of competitors


Secretaries report:

Colin added the following information:

 Constitutional Matters:

There are no changes to the executive Committee with the following member’s re-elected:

  • Kevin Howett (Chairman)
  • Colin McPhail (Secretary)
  • Noel Patterson (Treasurer)

The following members have agreed to continue their current roles:

  • Derek Dobbins (Coach)
  • Adam Christie (Web Master)

There were no changes proposed to the constitution.

The Webste:

There have been problems with the server, and with some hacking which Adam has since changed. The Blog was not working for some time after changes to the server but this has been rectified. Kevin has updated the Blog. Kevin indicated that he was the only one supplying copy for the blog. He made a plea for member’s to send short reports of anything members do and pics to him by email for inclusion, particularly the SXC events. The forum is still not allowing new members to join and Colin will speak to Adam about this. There were only a few people regularly using the forum as a means of arranging meets. It was felt that the forum has its place, and it should be marketed more to members.

Bike Trails Development:

A meeting had been held with the trails designer and he had now started work on the Bike Park as phase 1. Funding had been sourced for this from:

  • Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust
  • Scottish Rural Development Program

 Phase 2 will be a Blue-run circuit and Phase 3 was envisaged to be an extension to the Red-run.  An agreement between SMBC and Comrie Croft is required with regards to the trails project. A meeting will be set up in order for this to be finalised.

Further General Discussion Followed:

Club Events:

Pete noted that the club is needs to become much more active. So it has been suggested that there be a list of possible dates for club “events” to take place, with a selection of possible dates send out as a doodle questionnaire and get folk to fill in when they are most likely to be available. Colin will do this.  

Colin also noted that no-one responds to emails, and Digby added that we need to create some Chatter, both on the forum and on the emails. This will help the club to become more appealing to outsiders and hopefully the quieter members will also feel more inclined to participate.  

The idea of the summer road time trial was also mentioned with some enthusiasm, and Noel suggested that we should maybe become more of an all round cycling club.

 So the question was raised – what can we do, to become more of an active club and involved more members? The suggestions were:

  • A ride over the hills to Calander, possibly with the minibus to take folk back
  • A midsummer’s night ride to the top of Ben Chonzie
  • An entry level friendly event
  • An opening day event for the pump track/skills loop
  • Special away days every couple of months
  • An Easter Sunday ride.
  • A club run to Innerleithen

 Coaching and Youth:

It was noted by Derek that any junior members joining the junior sessions now will be well below the standard that the current crop of junior riders, who have been active for a couple of years. 

It was suggested that the club needs to be able to split the juniors into two groups, the current junior, and any new members of lower ability. For this to happen, there needs to be more than one coach. 

It was discussed that the club may be able to apply for funding in order to put one or more volunteers through their coaching badges with Scottish Cycling. 

Colin noted that he had put round a general call to see if anyone is was willing to help with applications for funding for coaching, but had had no positive response. Pete volunteered to help with future funding applications. 

Colin noted that the difficulty with getting more adult coaches involved is finding someone who has the time and dedication to be able to be there regularly every week 

It was suggested that the club should contact a range of possible candidates, including Emily Greaves the local active schools coordinator, and club member, as well as Parent and club member Norrie Westbrook. 

It was also suggested that a local teenager who is moving up in the sport and is still living locally might be interested in helping with the coaching side of things. Colin volunteered to ask around. 

Colin will also speak to Emma Burtles again, who suggested that there is money available for funding the coaching side of things.

 Marketing SMBC:

Kevin will make up a series of Posters in order to attract new members. 

The school bike club will be reinstated; Pete will be running this, with help from Kevin and support from ASC Emily Greaves. The school bikes need checked by a qualified mechanic and Comrie Croft Bikes will help with this. 

2 kids would like SMBC tops, Colin is to contact the supplier to see if a new print run is possible and a club email circulated for a second order.

 The meeting was then declared closed.

Minutes of the AGM of Strathearn Mountain Biking Club 2011

Attending :

Pete Mayne, Digby Sym, Iain Findlay, Ewan Tavendale, Kevin Howett, Adam Christie, Derek Dobbins, Hamish Mackinnon, Noel Paterson, Colin Mcphail


Andrew Donaldson, Andi Tooth, Michael Aldridge

  1. The acting secretary Colin Mcphail gave his annual report. The report covered the following

What we have achieved

  • Website Set Up –, by Adam Christie, administrated by members of the committee
  • The website has a Blog section which has seen some limited use, it was noted that it would be good to have as many items on the blog as possible, regardless of how small, all blog items to be sent to Kevin
  • The website also has a Forum, which has been used a bit, and to be begin with was the only way to arrange meets. The Emailing round robin it is generally felt will be more successful than the forum, although general discussion will still be on the Forum
  • An Emailing List has been set up, which sends an email to all club members, it seems to work well, there just haven’t been many rides due to weather, darkness etc
  • Colin set up a Facebook page – it has been little used but will continue to run in the background
  • Pete Mayne has been responsible for creating a regular calendar of rides, although he feels that it is not very successful, Pete suggested that as he lives in Glendevon, it may be better to get someone local to Crieff/Comrie to suggest the calendar of rides
  • The club has 34 Members
  • Membership fees will remain the same, and membership will be renewed to cover membership costs for the current year. An email will go to all club members to request the membership fees, and if response is low, a letter will be sent out as a follow up

 The treasurer Noel Paterson then gave his annual report.

 The report gave the following information

      Fee Totals  
Full adult Members 19 £10.00 £190.00  
Junior Members 19 £5.00 £95.00  
Associate Members 5 £0.00 £0.00  
Donations       £15.00  
Cheques not cashed     £50.00  
Total cash received       £250.00
Cheques Written        
Scottish Cycling     £75.00  
Total expenditure       £75.00
Total funds at 31/12/10     £175.00
Bank balance at 31/12/10     £170.00
Cash in hand at 31/12/10     £5.00
Cheque written to Scottish Cycling for club affiliation for 2011 £75.00
  1. The members of the executive committee were voted in for 2011. The only amendment for 2011 was the resignation of Andrew Donaldson as club secretary, and the election of Colin Mcphail. This amendment was accepted. The executive committee is as follows
  •  President: Kevin Howett
  • Secretary: Colin Mcphail
  • Treasurer: Noel Paterson

As there were no changes to the constitution the following matters were discussed

  1. Adoption of the logo. The logo, which was designed by Adam Christie, was officially adopted by a unanimous vote. It was described as dynamic, unique and of a practical colour
  2. The design of the club jerseys was debated. There was a design, which was suggested by Colin Mcphail, which was of an Orange and Grey top. Digby Sym suggested that there be some tartan in the top, using the recently designed Drovers Tryst tartan. There will be 2 templates drawn up, one with orange and grey, and one with orange and tartan. These will be available for a vote by members, and the winning design will be adopted.
  3. When the design is chosen, club members will be given the chance to purchase a top. The tops will be produced by The Cycle Jersey in Falkirk. The costs vary as per the number of tops. Club members will be required to pay for the tops at the time of ordering. The cost of tops will be as follows: 
  •  15 jerseys @ £32 each –  (for adults VAT included makes this £38.40 each)
  • 20 jerseys @ £28.80 each
  • 40 jerseys @ £27.20 each
  • Prices exclusive of VAT.
  1. The design will also be sent to Endura in Livingston in order to get a competitive price.
  2. The club sponsorship was discussed. Comrie Croft Bikes currently offer a 10% discount to club members, and the use of the van and Comrie Crofts facilities for meetings, and as such is a club sponsor. Colin has spoken to Scottish Cycling regarding the need to pay the £75 as a sponsors fee, and SC have advised that at present this is not necessary. Should this change once the tops are produced, CCB will be happy to cover the cost.
  3. Derek Dobbins has approached the Famous Grouse distillery with a view to them sponsoring the club. It was debated as to whether this would be appropriate given the nature of the bike club as a healthy activity, the junior members having alcohol promotion of their sports shirts, and it was felt that it may be best not to go down this road
  4. The SXC race will definitely be going ahead at Comrie Croft and there was some discussion regarding the responsibilities of the club for the event. SMBC will supply the Marshals for the event, and Comrie Croft will set out the course. Derek Dobbins will design a Kids course for the event. The course was discussed but it was decided this should be discussed at a later date.
  5.  The issue of increasing participation was discussed; the club could do with more activity and more members. The following suggestions were made in order to increase the levels of club activity:
    • The club should encourage people to come and try stuff, perhaps with an event. It was noted that we should have strong presence at the Comrie Croft round of the SXC series, which will be held in May
    • Pete Mayne suggested the possibility of Trail quest
    • Colin Mcphail suggested that he prepare some posters in order to entice in more members
    • It was suggested that the opinion of the club might be that we are seen as too serious and this may put folk off. We should therefore make it obvious this is not the case and that all are welcome, and that folk who want to come along will not be put off by making folk go on rides that are too demanding.
    • Adam Christie noted that club should work on the social aspect of the club, there should be a ride, which begins or ends with a café/bar and that there should also be some non-biking socialising organised. There shall also be a summer Barbeque arranged.
    • The notion of a regular weekly ride was suggested, and it was agreed that the best night for all members in attendance was Tuesday. The meting place has been arranged at the Famous Grouse car park, at 7.30pm every Tuesday

 The meeting was then adjourned.